Future cooperation between Stavanger and Yantai.

The City of YanTai has accepted an invitation from the City of Stavanger to meet in Beijing during Nordic Edge China. Delegations from the two cities will hold talks to discuss future private and public collaboration.

Yantai – Stavanger

The ties between the two cities are built on a long-time cooperation between companies from Stavanger and Yantai, especially with Yantai CIMC Raffles shipyard.

In March 2017 senior representatives from the shipyard met with senior representatives from Norwegian companies in Stavanger, where the parties initiated a dialogue regarding co-operation between Stavanger City and Yantai City. It also included the Province of Shandong and the Greater Stavanger Area. The aim was to find business opportunities that could benefit both cities and regions.  

During the Norwegian Prime Minister’s visit to China in April, several potential areas of cooperation between the nations were identified, paving the way for areas that could also apply to the cooperation between the cities.

In September 2018 The Deputy Secretary of CPC Yantai Committee and the Mayor of Stavanger signed an agreement between Stavanger City and Yantai City on the establishment of city-to-city cooperation. The signing ceremony took place in Stavanger.

Important areas for possible cooperation are identified to facilitate and strengthen economic and trade links in the field of smart cities, fisheries, oil & gas and healthcare. Education, cultural, art & sport and civic cooperation are also possible areas for collaboration.

The meeting of the two cities in Beijing during Nordic Edge in April 2019 is an opportunity to further discuss how the cities cooperation can be strengthened.  “I’m delighted by the possibility to meet with the city of Yantai in Beijing in April. It will be a great opportunity for us to discuss which areas in our agreement could be most appropriate to identify for the next step in our cooperation”, says Deputy Mayor of Stavanger, Bjørg Tysdal Moe.

An introduction to Yantai

Located in the eastern part of Shandong Peninsula and bordered by both the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea, Yantai is one of the first 14 coastal cities in China opening up to the outside world. Yantai covers a land area of 13,900 km2 and a sea area of 26,000 km2 with a total coastline of 1038 km. The city is home to 7 million people.

Yantai is a city with a long history and rich culture. It is an eco-friendly city suitable for both living and working in and touring. Yantai is renowned for being a major fishery centre in northern China with more than 200 offshore fishery species. Its aquatic export volume accounts for 1/10 of that of China.

Yantai is an open city with innovative spirit and dynamism. Yantai has established sister city relations with 28 cities in 16 countries around the world.

Yantai is a modern city with advanced industries. Currently, Yantai is striving to develop ten key industries including automobile manufacturing, maritime engineering and manufacturing, nuclear power equipment manufacturing, aerospace, electronic information, pharmaceutical and medical care, fine chemical engineering, cultural tourism, modern agriculture and modern finance.

Nordic Smart City model on agenda in China

Nordic Edge China set Stavanger and the Nordic model for citizen involvement and cross-sector cooperation on the Smart City agenda in China.

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How to get there

Venue and Hotel information

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Visit to HUAWEI Beijing EBC

Visit the HUAWEI Beijing Center on 10th April

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