Nordic Edge China

BEIJING, APRIL 9-10, 2019

An international Smart City knowledge exchange

Nordic Edge China will be an event for sharing Smart City ambitions and experiences from two distinct societies: the Nordics and China.

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For Chinese stakeholders the event will provide:

  • Access to Nordic Smart City initiatives, past and present, without travelling to Scandinavia and facing possible language barriers
  • A platform for authorities and companies to present to a Nordic audience
  • Networking with high level representatives from both the public and private sector

Visitors from Nordic municipalities and companies will have the opportunity to:

  • Showcase Nordic Smart and Sustainable City initiatives
  • Gain first-hand knowledge of innovative Smart City planning and solutions on a large scale through talks and site visits
  • Initiate collaborations with Chinese counterparts,┬áincluding participation in Urban Living Labs
  • Find partners in the Chinese market assisted by a joint event

What to expect?

Chinese participants
Nordic cities showcasing their Smart & Sustainable City initiatives
Nordic and Chinese speakers with expertise within a variety of Smart City areas
Our main partners